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In 2004, a star was born. Flossin Media started out as a Black-focused magazine, morphing into a surround-sound multimedia marketing agency that is carving out a unique space on the starkly white landscape of Portland’s media scene.

We work to instill the perception of significance, the perception of capability and the perception of influence in multicultural and minority communities by amplifying and empowering their voices, stories and successes.

We are here to green light their endeavors through the power of print, video, epic events, street teams, graphic design, digital distribution, online social marketing, and apparel outlets in order to provide broader access to local, national and international audiences.

In striving to bring to light existing formulas for good living, we continue to strive towards an awakening, spiritual in nature, and to share its essence in Portland and beyond, through education, inspiration and by highlighting the diversified lifestyles of successful people, especially successful people of color.